Technical Education Verses General Education

Technical education or general education – are you confused which one will you choose to build your career after completing the H.S. or graduation? Then this blog is just for you. We know that education helps us to absorb knowledge and develop our mental, spiritual and intellectual health. That is the reason education is considered […]

Future Career Opportunities in Web Designing in India

If you are worried about your career, then let me tell you web-designing can be a good option for you. Web design is not an unknown concept in the recent world. It is a vital part of the modern IT industry. In simple words, web designing is actually the arrangement and formation of websites. These elements […]

Scope in Graphic Designing in India

Graphic Design has become one of the best career options in India. It is not only among those jobs that can bring huge money but can give you job satisfaction. To know about the scope in graphic designing in our country read the blog carefully. What is Graphic Designing Graphic design is the procedure of […]

How to build a career as a Game Designer

Do you want to become a game designer?  Well, then this article is just for you. You will be happy to know that the career opportunities for the upcoming game designers are increasing every day. The corporate world in recent times is trying to ‘gamify’ the training process to prepare its employees. So, over the […]

A career in VFX film making

VFX film making has emerged as one of the top career options for the last few years especially among the teenage generation. The reason behind it is the tremendous growth of the entertainment industry during this time. Hollywood, Bollywood and even Tollywood films are using VFX or Visual Effect to create more interesting and magnificent scenes. […]

Film Editing Process

Film editing may be a creative process of post-production for filmmaking. It is also referred to as the ‘Invisible Art’ because while watching the film, viewers get so engaged that they are not even aware of the editor’s work. Film editing is the art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into an intelligible sequence. Film editing is that the only art that’s unique […]

A career in Animation in India

A career in animation has become one of the most lucrative options for the young generation nowadays. The reasons behind this situation are it offers well- paid jobs and career growth. Also, it provides the opportunity to flourish your creativity. Besides, it gives you job satisfaction. In the field of animation, you can enjoy yourself […]

The History of Animation

Animation, as opposed to what numerous individuals think, has a long and celebrated history of its own. Old Egyptian unearthing uncovers that the Egyptians did broad divider beautification route in 2000 B.C. Indeed, even the Greek, in their antiquated works of art and illustrations uncover an intriguing feeling of creative energy. Leonardo Da Vinci has utilized some […]

Freelancing work for an audio-video editor

Hello friends! Do you want to freelancing work as an audio-video editor, but don’t know where to start? Then read this post. I am sure that you will get all of your answers once you read it. What is the work of an audio-video editor? An audio-video editor edits and assembles the recorded raw materials […]

STEAM Careers – Visual Effects Animator

Who is a Visual Effects Animator? A visual effects animator is a professional that’s responsible for special effects in films. Now interestingly, they focus on the special effects that cannot be added during the live action shoot. For example, a lot of times, the green screen is used when shooting actors in the studio. The […]


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