Which Industries Are Open For Aspirants After Successfully Completing VFX Courses?

Visual Effects Training Institute Kolkata

If you’re an artist and want your work to be seen on the big screen, visual effects, also known as VFX, is the perfect career option. Take on challenging projects, work with the best studios, and climb the corporate ladder to lead a team of talented VFX artists. For all these activities, you need to take VFX Courses Kolkata from the best institute.

Equipped with optimal technical and creative skills, talented VFX artists can work as a professional in the media and entertainment industry. VFX is a method to mix computer-generated sequences with captured video to create scenes, which are imaginative, complex, and expensive to shoot in real life. Also, the extent of the VFX market is growing rapidly across the nation. With many Hollywood studios outsourcing projects to Indian VFX companies, and Indian studios themselves expanding their VFX departments, the number of VFX artists needed each year increases tremendously.

Popular VFX Classes Kolkata alone open up numerous career opportunities, but the best VFX Courses Kolkata combined with those by creative professionals such as animators, graphic designers, film editors, and game developers are a great addition to the history. You can greatly increase the value of your book. After taking VFX training from a leading Visual Effects Training Institute Kolkata, the variety of career possibilities one can avail is endless. Some of the best-known job portfolios include –

  • Rendering Artist
  • Composting Artist or Composer
  • Roto Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Matt Painter
  • Match Mover Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • Animator (VFX)
  • Concept Artist

In terms of sectoral opportunities, given the exponential growth of digital content, the following industries are looking for VFX talents –

  • Film, TV & OTT

Most filmmakers currently want to give audiences a cinematic experience that goes beyond the real thing. Each of these mega-movie projects requires hundreds of VFX artists. Shows on TV and his OTT platform are equally aggressive when it comes to ensuring high-quality visuals.

  • Advertising

Advertising companies are obsessed with animated graphics and visual effects because they help create eye-catching advertisements for their clients. The industry has traditionally been a major employer for his VFX artists.

  • Animation

The animation and VFX industries are very complementary. Every animation company employs VFX artist to work on projects alongside animators. Combining an animation course with a VFX course from the best Visual Effects Institute Kolkata is the perfect match for success in the creative field.

  • Gaming

Whether on consoles, computers, or mobile phones, video games are ubiquitous and played by people of all ages. Game companies employ VFX artists for various tasks in the game development process.

  • Corporate Presentations

Companies tend to hire professionals to help them create beautiful presentations and videos  to convince  investors, customers and partners at present. VFX artists with a knack for design can find great opportunities in this area.

  • Educational Technology

These kids of start-ups are one of the fastest growing options. These companies rely heavily on a developer and VFX artists to make their educational content more interactive, artistically beautiful and easy to understand.

Choosing the best VFX Institute Kolkata with a focused brokerage department will get you a job at one of the big names in these multi-billion-dollar industries. To learn more, you can simply contact us at 9051878885 today!


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