Which Software Are Taught In VFX Training?

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You must have heard that learning technology is more important than learning software. The accuracy of this description is beyond doubt, but the choice of tools is important given the amount of time and energy spent learning. Also, since software is used for different purposes, no single software can be assigned to CGI creation.

Some studios, such as Pixar, develop their own animation software (Presto), while most other studios either work with a single software or integrate multiple VFX software to be more efficient. We create workflows that produce better results. The latter is called the “VFX pipeline”. If you’re aiming for studio work after taking VFX Training Kolkata from the best VFX Training Institute Kolkata, you’ll need to know the use of the latest. So, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of the program, as the actual workflow is basically the same. Also, flexibility helps to work much more efficiently.


  • Autodesk Maya

It is very often taught as a main tool in most of the best Visual Effects Classes Kolkata. The latest version brings significant improvements compared to previous versions. Contrary to popular belief, Maya isn’t particularly difficult to learn. Getting the basics right takes time, but with diligent practice, you’ll work faster and easier.

  • Autodesk 3ds Max

This is a ready-to-use software for poly modeling. It gives you a more direct and controlled feeling.  3ds Max is said to be easier to use than Maya, and is an application you see more often in commercials and games than in movies. Many Indian VFX studios choose 3ds Max over Maya. However, Maya is recommended for character animation.

  • Houdini

Houdini is often useful when budget is an issue. Maya is much more expensive than Houdini. However, Houdini outperforms Maya when it comes to dynamic simulation and time efficiency. Additionally, Houdini’s unique node-based procedural workflow allows you to coordinate your work and perform multiple iterations. It’s easier to change and evolve animation and visual effects compared to Maya. Houdini has been used in movies such as Pacific His Rims and the Harry Potter series.

  • Blender

This is free and open source software. For beginners taking Visual Effects Training Kolkata, Blender is a good place to start. Until recently, achieving photorealism in Blender has not been entirely possible. That’s why it wasn’t particularly popular among filmmakers. However, Blender has a full-featured built-in compositor as well as production-ready cameras and object tracking.


  • 3DE Equalizer and SynthEyes

3DEqualizer is best used in most of the best VFX studios, but prefers to hire only professional people. If you want to be more of a generalist, SynthEyes is the right choice.


  • Nuke and Nuke X

Nuke and NukeX are industry standards for compositing, so you don’t have to test many others in this area.


  • Autodesk Arnold

Arnold can produce excellent photorealistic renderings. Compatible with Maya and 3ds Max, it is one of the must-learn tools if you want to enter the VFX industry after successfully completing Visual Effects Courses Kolkata from the best institute.

Many studios use Maya to be able to offer a unified solution, which is the best solution. You can learn Maya once and be familiar with any program in a matter of days. Or, if you plan to learn more than one software program, spend several months on each before moving on to another software program. The best way for beginners to do this is to take leading Visual Effects Classes Kolkata that covers all popular software and techniques.

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